Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A breath of fresh air

For the last 4 years I was obsessed, addicted, all consumed, 'part of the cult' of crossfit. However you want to call it, I lived, breathed, and loved the sport. I still love the sport and I am most grateful for the people it brought into my life. I am also grateful for the work ethic and mental toughness that it has instilled in me. Like most things in life it had its highs and lows. Unfortunately this past year the lows seemed to take the lead. It was no longer benefiting my mental or physical health the way your gym or daily workouts should. During that low period I found cycling. It was the biggest breath of fresh air. It was that feeling I had craved from a workout that I was no longer finding through crossfit. It's no surprise my addictive personality took cycle and ran with it 0-100, training all summer long and eventually becoming an instructor. It was a feeling I didn't want to let go of. It was a feeling I wanted to share with anyone and everyone. Cycling has reignited my flame or passion for fitness, music, and people. I joke that I am no longer a "crossfitter" and its no secret I have lost a lot of muscle mass since quitting but I will always love and appreciate the sport. Those athletes that compete are like no other and I am inspired by them daily. Here's to living a more well rounded, fit, healthy, and most importantly HAPPY lifestyle in this new year. CHEERS to 2017!!

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